Tennessee Titans: Last But Not Least The Philadelphia Eagles


It’s hard to believe that I have done so much speculating about who will trade up with the Tennessee Titans to take Oregon quarterback, Marcus Mariota, and not talked about Chip Kelly, and the Philadelphia Eagles.

would the Browns be willing to give up both of their first round picks for Sam Bradford?

It’s pretty obvious that the one NFL head coach who wouldn’t have to worry about handing the keys to the franchise over to Marcus Mariota is Chip Kelly.

The only problem the head man in Philadelphia has to deal with, is how can he get from that pesky 20th pick up to number two without giving away the rest of the franchise? So let’s talk about how he can perform that trick.

The trade that sent Nick Foles to the St. Louis Rams for Sam Bradford never seemed to resonate with me. Why trade a $2.5 million problem for a $13 million salary cap problem who has spent most of his career injured?

The answer has to be the Cleveland Browns with their two picks in the first round, and their need for a franchise quarterback.

We talked on Friday about Cleveland possibly moving up for Marcus Mariota at number two with their two first round picks, so why not Chip Kelly?

Kelly said in his press conference after trading for Bradford that he had already fielded a phone call from someone who wanted the former Oklahoma star.

That phone call, according to ESPN Philadelphia reporter, Phil Sheridan, came from the Browns.

"After that deal was completed, Chip Kelly got a call. He was offered a first-round pick for Bradford, the quarterback he just acquired. Kelly wouldn’t confirm that the offer came from Cleveland, but it seems pretty obvious. The Browns tried to get Bradford for a first-round pick. When Bradford was suddenly the property of another team, they simply called and made the same offer."

The Eagles said no the deal. But as the draft gets closer, would the Browns be willing to give up both of their first round picks for Sam Bradford?

In fact, ProFootballTalk.com reported that the Browns would be interested in spending their two first round picks to move up to number two for a trade with the Titans, but do they really have their eye on a proven talent like Sam Bradford?

I have felt all along that Chip Kelly wasn’t done with this Marcus Mariota thing. He’s just tempered his enthusiasm, and maybe playing a little poker.

With all of the changes he’s made since free agency, Marcus Mariota would be the last move in a great off season.

Who knows? If Kelly gets this close, he might be willing to part with at least another one of his picks later in the draft.

The Titans wouldn’t come out of this deal with an extra quarterback, but if they can get two first round picks, and maybe a third-rounder in the process, it could be a deal worth taking a hard look at.

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