Tennessee Titans 2015 preseason schedule announced


The Tennessee Titans 2015 preseason schedule has been announced, and here is a quick run down of each game and what possible storylines may be involved.

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  • Week 1: Tennessee Titans at Atlanta Falcons

    The Tennessee Titans take on the Atlanta Falcons on the road here, and it could be a test for the new defense. As always, both teams will likely see a lot of each other before the regular seasons between joint practices and this game.

    The Tennessee Titans new defense should have an interesting time against the Atlanta Falcons on the road, and new Tennessee Titans wide receiver Harry Douglas could attempt to have a big homecoming.

    Week 2: St. Louis at Tennessee Titans

    The storyline writes itself here. Obviously Jeff Fisher’s return to Nashville will be a lot to talk about, but with the starters seeing more time there are a lot of interesting match ups in this game.

    Will a new offensive line be able to handle the St. Louis Rams star-studded defensive line? Will Nick Foles struggle in his new home where so many other quarterbacks have struggled? Will Joe Barksdale be playing a minor revenge game?

    Week 3: Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs

    The Kansas City Chiefs have one of the toughest defenses in the league, and if Ken Whisenhunt is going to show that he has the ability to turn the offense around this game would be the perfect time to showcase it.

    The Tennessee Titans had one of their best (if not the best) game of the season in Arrowhead last year, it would be nice if they could hit that stride again.

    Week 4: Minnesota Vikings at Tennessee Titans

    With the starters sitting, this will be a chance for some young rookies and backups to show why they should stay on the roster. Last year, the highest rated player to come out of this game (according to Pro Football Focus) was safety Daimion Stafford.

    While Stafford is far from a household name, his first year in Tennessee provided more big hits than Bernard Pollard’s entire tenure. The Tennessee Titans may have found a very good special teams player and situational safety in Daimion Stafford, and no one really knew who he was until this game. Daimion Stafford would end the 2014 season with 33 tackles, one sack and one interception in nine games.

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