Tennessee Titans: N.Y. Jets Are Still Best Draft Day Trade Partner


There are two things the Tennessee Titans need more than a questionable young quarterback, and another defensive end. Some help on the offensive line, and an outside pass-rushing linebacker.

The free agency signing of Brian Orakpo from the Washington Redskins was huge if the five year player out of the University of Texas can stay healthy for more than one game, but the 2015 NFL Draft is stock-full of defensive possibilities that can be had later in the first round.

The bottom line is, the New York Jets need a quarterback, and Nashville is a great place to shop.

General Manager, Ruston Webster and Head Coach, Ken Whisenhunt can trade out of the second pick, and still have access to needs on both sides of the ball with some pretty nice options.

Hey, I’m all in on giving second-year quarterback, Zach Mettenberger a chance in 2015 to be the starting quarterback for this franchise, but I also want to see him earn the spot in training camp. I don’t think drafting Marcus Mariota at this point does anything for 2015.

The best option for the Tennessee Titans would be a trade with the San Diego Chargers that would bring Phillip Rivers to Music City, but that deal has too many if’s in it.

If the Chargers are in deed looking to move their franchise quarterback before he becomes a free agent next year.

If they are interested in Marcus Mariota, and want to spend the time developing him into an NFL Ready quarterback.

If they would be looking for a deal like this in 2015.

The more realistic option is the New York Jets with the sixth pick on April 30th. The Jets, and new head coach, Todd Bowles are faced with a daunting task just to break par in the AFC East.

Buffalo Bills head coach, and former Jets head man Rex Ryan is doing his impersonation of Chip Kelly, wheeling and dealing players in attempt to catch the World Champs up in Foxboro, and the Miami Dolphins are loading up for a playoff run, so the Jets need to make some solid moves as well to keep from finishing at the bottom of the AFC East yet again.

The Jets made some big moves in free agency just to stay even, but they still need a quarterback. Ryan Fitzpatrick, if healthy can tread water in New York, but beyond Fitzpatrick, the options are not good.

Before going to Buffalo, Rex Ryan seemed to do everything he could to decimate the quarterback position. In fact, talk show host, Colin Cowherd said many times, that Ryan’s best talent was to take decent quarterbacks, and find a way to make them mediocre.

The bottom line is, the New York Jets need a quarterback, and Nashville is a great place to shop.

If the Tennessee Titans could pick sixth, and pick up an extra player in the second round, as early as 33rd and 38th, that would be a nice trade. If they threw in Ryan Fitzpatrick, that would be even better.

Fitzpatrick could provide backup for Zach Mettenberger, and should be ready to take some snaps if things go sideways for the youngster out of LSU.

The Titans could pick up Brandon Scherff out Iowa with the fifth selection, Andrus Peat out of Stanford, or Ereck Flowers out of Miami. They could also address the pass rushing thing here, or with one of the second-round selections.

The Tennessee Titans are NOT going to make the playoffs in 2015 anyway, all fans are looking for this year is some positive progress. Eight and eight, and finish ahead of the Jacksonville Jaguars would be a huge success.

If Zach Mettenberger doesn’t work out this year, there are a whole set of new options available in 2016. Phillip Rivers and Eli Manning are at the end of their deals, and who knows, the Tennessee Titans may be under new ownership, new management, and maybe even a new coaching staff.

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