Tennessee Titans should trade the 2nd pick in the 2015 NFL Draft


The Tennessee Titans have the second overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the question is: should they use it?

For all of the praise heaped on Jameis Winston, the fact remains that there are two (potential) franchise-caliber quarterbacks in this draft class. While everyone hedges their bets so they won’t be called out in two years, Marcus Mariota is the clear second quarterback on everyone’s big board.

In a league that is falling in love with college coaches like Jim Harbaugh, Pete Carrol, Chip Kelly, (and eventually) Gus Malzahn, it isn’t hard to imagine that some coaches might even covet a quarterback like Marcus Mariota more than a less athletic guy with off the field concerns. At the very least, he has proven that he can work extremely well in a system if there is a smart offensive mind calling the shots.

If the Tennessee Titans did decide to go with another player, it wouldn’t take more than one guess to figure out where they would go. Leonard Williams the stellar defensive lineman from USC, is regarded as the best player in this draft by many. Leonard Williams is only 20 years old and was arguably the most dominant defensive presence in college football last year on a snap-to-snap basis (don’t argue until you see his tape against California).

“The player that they really want to get, according to sources I have talked to is Leonard Williams the defensive lineman from USC”-Jason Cole, Bleacher Report

So, with two high caliber prospects on the board the Tennessee Titans would be crazy not to jump at one of these players, right? Well, not so fast.

It is easy for the top teams every year to say that it makes the most sense for them to trade down, but honestly it has never made more sense for a team to trade down than where the Tennessee Titans are right now. Even the 2012 NFL Draft didn’t have the same trade value at the number two spot.

In this draft, not only is their a potential franchise quarterback, there is also an outstanding defensive lineman that can fit into any scheme and thrive for the next 12 years. The question now is which teams look like the top candidates to trade up for the right to draft one of these players.

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  • Oakland Raiders

    Based off of a recent report by Jason Cole of Bleacher Report, the Oakland Raiders are enamored with Leonard Williams:

    “The player that they really want to get, according to sources I have talked to is Leonard Williams the defensive lineman from USC…If the Raiders want to get him they would probably have to trade up to number two (the Tennessee Titans selection).”

    Williams has publicly stated several times that he would like to be an Oakland Raider, which has to be music to the ears of that fan base. The Raiders haven’t had a high-caliber guy that wanted to be an Oakland Raider growing up in a long time, and this could give them the perfect face for their young talented defense.

    San Diego Chargers

    For all of the posturing, the San Diego Chargers are legitimately in a bad situation here. They have paid a lot of attention to Marcus Mariota (and odd move considering he won’t be in the division and that they have no non-trade shot at him) and Phillip Rivers has publicly said that he won’t be in San Diego next year.

    Phillip Rivers is a straight shooter that has never been one to get in front of a mic and say something he didn’t believe. With Phillip Rivers having his best season in a long time under Ken Whisenhunt just two years ago, this seems like a perfect match.

    Philadelphia Eagles

    There isn’t much to say here that hasn’t already been said. Chip Kelly can make his offense work with any quarterback, but everyone knows that it would be easiest to run it with a quarterback who won a Heisman in that system.

    It seems like any trade concerning the Tennessee Titans and Philadelphia Eagles might include Sam Bradford being shipped off due to his large contract, but Sam Bradford and at least two first round pick is a pill that the Tennessee Titans should consider swallowing.

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