Ken Whisenhunt Talks Quarterbacks At Owners Meetings


It appears that while the dysfunctional Adams family of the National Football League tries to decide how they are going to conduct business going forward, thank goodness head coach, Ken Whisenhunt is taking care of the football part of the business.

The only way the Tennessee Titans can get maximum value from the second pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, is either draft Marcus Mariota, or convince other teams they(The Titans) can’t live without him. If teams are comfortable with the Titans will picking Leonard Williams in next months draft, then they will never get the most out of this pick.

I’ll have to admit, after watching this video I came away with the idea that Marcus Mariota, unless taken by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, will be starting day one at LP Field this fall. But sold me on it!

I will agree with most of the fan base here, and say, Leonard Williams is the safest pick in this draft for the Titans, but I don’t think it nets maximum value for the second pick in the draft.

This draft is loaded with defensive talent, albeit, maybe not as good as the Defensive End out of USC, but some good players, just the same.

The Titans can make a trade anywhere in the top 25, and still land a starting defensive player. In fact, I’m not sure they couldn’t drop a little further, and still net a pretty good player.

I think with the direction that the Titans took in Free Agency so far this year, it tell me they may be trying to fix some of the defensive problems before the draft, which will give them even more options when draft day finally comes.

While listening to Coach in some of the interviews at the Owners Meetings this week, I’m not convinced that he hasn’t decided to take Marcus Mariota anyway. It appears he, and General Manager, Ruston Webster have done a lot of work, to just pass on a franchise quarterback at this point.

Fans seem to be concerned that Mariota’s lack of experience with a huddle, and taking snaps under the center is a problem. Let’s face it, Coach Whiz has a couple of years to let this kid develop. So what if he’s not ready day one?

It’s not like the Titans will be looking to make the playoffs this year anyway. I have continued to say, an eight and eight season will be a huge success when the 2015 season is over.

With what is going on in the front office at Titans headquarters, taking a year for a franchise quarterback to develop is the least of everyone’s problems.

As far as I’m concerned, I don’t care if they take Leonard Williams, Marcus Mariota, or trade down. 2015 will be a year to improve, and fix the front office for this franchise. I like what I’ve heard from Coach Whiisenhunt during all of this chaos. He seems to focused on the only thing he can do to fix the team, and that’s to surround himself with the best players possible.

It will actually be nice to have leadership at the top who understands, and loves this game. That in itself will move this team in a positive direction, and back to putting an exciting team on the field this fall.

I don’t have to win every game, but I want to see a team with a chance to win each week, and a team that can play some exciting football. That will be the definition of a successful 2015 football season.

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