Tennessee Titans: 9 point play? Vote yes


The annual NFL owner’s meeting is taking place in Phoenix this week, and while the weather will be beautiful, there may not be much time to hit the golf course. Proposals for rule changes are debated and voted upon at these meetings. Usually there are a few…no more than a dozen or so.

This year there are 23.

Aside from the sheer volume, there are also hot button issues at play here. Proposals that were the direct result of a team winning or losing a game last season. At 2-14, the Titans have no leg to stand on there, but should vote yes three times if they could for a certain proposal….

The 9 point play.

I know, at first glance it looks like something from MTV’s Rock N’ Jock Basketball. But if approved, it could definitely help the Titans turn things around.

First off, the rule. After a touchdown, and a successful two point conversion, the scoring team could then attempt a 50 yard extra point. Thus, the 9 point play. This rule makes since for the Titans…from a practical and big picture standpoint.

Last season Tennessee was 29th in scoring (17.3 ppg), and 30th at stopping others from scoring (27.4 allowed).  Needless to say the Titans played from behind a lot. Often times…way behind. Any rule that can aid a struggling offense in transition would be a welcomed site.

The rule also fits the Titans’ personnel. Ken Whisenhunt prefers an areal assault, using multiple receivers and formations…especially in short yardage situations. Kendall Wright is sure handed, and can be elusive in the slot.

Tennessee has two capable red zone tight ends in Delanie Walker and Anthony Fasano, and versatile tailback Dexter McCluster could be also be featured to provide a variety of looks.

I’m sure the Titans would have some exotic packages in store for that very scenario.

Ryan Succop, Tennessee’s newly re-signed place kicker, was 100% from 50 yards and beyond last season.

A match made in 9 point heaven.

The rule change, if taken advantage of, could also help breathe life into a fan base that’s been lulled to sleep. The Titans need to win…and entertain. After all, those PSL’s aren’t free. The 9 point play is something that will spice things up…get fans on their feet…

Live on the edge a little Tennessee.

I can see it now…they score the first touchdown in their home opener. The crowd builds to a crescendo as they urge their Titans to go for two…then explode into a raucous when coach Whiz sends in the play.

It’s like playing peek-a-boo with an infant. It would work every time.

Too bad the fans can’t vote.

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