Tennessee Titan's 2-14 2014 season was dismal, to say it politel..."/> Tennessee Titan's 2-14 2014 season was dismal, to say it politel..."/> Tennessee Titan's 2-14 2014 season was dismal, to say it politel..."/>

Tennessee Titans Still Need A Running Back In Free Agency


The running game in the Tennessee Titan’s 2-14 2014 season was dismal, to say it politely. There are some quality running backs still available on the Free Agency market, and need to at least get a call from General Manager Ruston Webster. The longer we wait, the chances get slimmer that any talent will be left.

A good veteran running back can be had at a pretty good price this year because the up-coming 2015 NFL Draft is laden with new backs who are eager to test the NFL waters. Many of the running backs available in free agency will be re-signed by their present clubs when they find out how much their position has been diluted by the draft.

The Titans featured three backs in 2014, and the total output was far less than Dallas Cowboy running back, DeMarco Murray put on the board by himself.

  1. Shonne Greene 94 carries for 392 yards and two touchdowns
  2. Leon Washington 13 carries for 94 yards and no touchdowns
  3. Bishop Sankey 150 caries for 569 yards and two touchdowns.

That’s pathetic, to say the least.

I’m all about picking up a running back in the draft, but because running back by committee is the norm in today’s NFL, we could always use a veteran ball carrier who can lead the youngsters through their infancy.

DeMarco Murray

DeMarco Murray is by far, the biggest name still available on the board. Although he had extreme success in Dallas last year, I feel like his numbers were due to the system he was in. He had one of the best offensive lines in football, a great passing game with the receivers in Big D, and an experienced quarterback who was able to direct traffic with pre-snap changes.

Unless Murray has his nose out of joint over the situation, which is all about business, he will figure out the deal in Dallas is a good one, and see him re-signing with the Cowboys.

I don’t think DeMarco Murray is a good fit for what the Tennessee Titans have to offer,and think it would be, yet another expensive mistake.

C.J. Spiller

I think Buffalo Bills running back, C.J. Spiller is an interesting prospect for the Titans. He will probably become the top target for the Cowboys, if Murray is lured to a different situation.

Spiller turns 28 years-old in August, and because of injuries, has had limited mileage on his body. He became the casualty of a new head coach with a different game plan, and after the Bills picked up LeSean McCoy yesterday, became totally expendable.

Spiller had a great year in 2012, when he ran 202 times, for 1244 yards. He can catch the ball as well, and in 2012, he caught 43 passes for 469 yards.

The first-round pick out of Clemson in 2010(9th overall) has never really lived up to his potential in Buffalo, but then, who has? He could be a nice addition in Music City, if the price is right.

Other Running Backs still available:

Reggie Bush
Justin Forsett
Stevan Ridley
Pierre Thomas
Justin Forsett
Ahmad Bradshaw
Darren McFadden
Knowshon Moreno
Ben Tate
DeAngelo Williams
Steven Jackson
Chris Johnson
Jacquizz Rodgers

There seems to be be some good people here, but after being bitten by the Shonne Greene signing last year, I don’t see Ruston Webster, and head coach, Ken Whisenhunt pulling the trigger here, but we can always hope.

There are only seven draft picks available, unless there is a huge deal for the number two pick, so Titans need to make a move here before the good ones are gone. Running backs are key to converting third downs, and you can’t have enough options.

Let’s hope the Titans realize that if they wait too long, any value for this position will be gone.

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