Tennessee Titans: Is Marcus Mariota The Titans Future QB


The Oregon Ducks will host their pro day on Thursday, and it’s expected that many NFL team general managers and scouts will show up with their eyes on quarterback Marcus Mariota.

This years Heisman Trophy winner will command most if not all the attention from NFL scouts during the Ducks pro day. Mariota has many teams and fans around the country intrigued. Some believe that he is the best quarterback in the 2015 NFL Draft. While some believe otherwise, saying things like he is just a system quarterback who will not last in the NFL.

If you checked out my latest NFL mock draft you may have noticed which player I had going to the Tennessee Titans with the number two pick. That’s right Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota.

I mentioned in that same mock draft that I don’t buy the talk of the Tennessee coaches and officials being 100% sold on current quarterback Zach Mettenberger. In this league it’s extremely hard to win consistently without a top NFL quarterback on your roster. Mettenberger shown some potential last season, however I don’t see that potential reaching the same level as other top NFL quarterbacks.

Although Marcus Mariota isn’t a sure-fire prospect neither, I believe that he can have a higher ceiling under the right system and coaching. Match him up with the wrong system or coaches however then I don’t see Mariota panning out to well in the NFL.

The consensus believes that Tennessee should go with the best available player method during the 2015 NFL Draft and select USC defensive lineman Leonard Williams with their second pick in April. I’m one of those people. While I don’t believe that Mettenberger is the answer in the Music City, I think Leonard Williams is the best player in this draft and will fit in perfectly with Titans defensive coördinator Dick Lebeau’s scheme.

If Marcus Mariota impresses the Titans coaches and scouts during Thursday’s pro day and private workout, I believe the Titans will select him with the second pick in the draft.

If this becomes the case then the Tennessee Titans will have sent a message that they believe that Marcus Mariota is the teams franchise quarterback for years to come. However if they do not select Mariota, then the Titans coaches must truly believe in Mettenberger and be ready to hand him the keys to the franchise.

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