Tennessee Titans: Lose Out For The Good?


The Tennessee Titans currently sit at 3rd place in the AFC South, and are 3.5 games back of the 1st place Indianapolis Colts. Prior to the week 10 bye week, the Titans suffered a loss to the Houston Texans, that could have put a nail in the coffin to the season. We had some hope at the beginning of the season with a new coaching staff, and more offensive weapons, but now it seems inevitable that the Titans will suffer another poorly productive football season.

Many fans are ready for it to be over, and crossing their fingers for the Titans to lose out, finishing dead last in the NFL. This achievement would result in the first pick of the 2015 NFL Draft. There is even a Twitter account called @Suck4TheDuck, a parody account where one Titan fan’s mission is for the Titans to finish last in order to select Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota in next year’s draft. Mariota is projected to be one of the top NFL Draft picks in 2015.

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I have seen some mock drafts predicting the Titans having the 5th selection of 2015, and some of them point to the Titans possibly selecting Amari Cooper, wide receiver from Alabama. Cooper is very talented, and is the best receiver in the SEC. Yes, it would interesting to have more talent of receiver weapons, but is a wide receiver the Titans’ first need? Or is it a highly rated quarterback, like Mariota or Jameis Winston? Or, should the Titans focus heavily in building their secondary or defensive line?

I for one believe you shouldn’t rule out looking elsewhere for running back talent, either through trade or in the draft. Let’s face it, the Titans are ranked 20th in the league in rushing, and the depth that has been added hasn’t cut it thus far in the season. So, why not keep an open mind for selecting Todd Gurley or Melvin Gordon? If that plays out as the Titans choice in the first round and they select Gurley or Gordon, then move up Bishop Sanskey, Gurley or Gordon moves in as backup, and you drop Dexter McCluster or Shonn Greene. Greene and McCluster have not been impressive enough this season.

If the Titans choose to aim at building the defense, where do you start? The secondary has had it’s disappointments this season, and many feel cornerback Blidi Wreh-Wilson is part to blame. Should the Titans drop Wreh-Wilson and set their eyes on Alex Carter of Standford or Marcus Peters of Washington? Maybe, the defensive front is a weakness. Has defensive end Ropati Pitoitua produced enough this season to stay around? Maybe Shane Ray of Missouri or Dante Fowler Jr. of Florida could be what the defensive front needs.

We will be posting our own 2015 mock draft soon, but we wanted some answers from you on your thoughts of the Titans season. Do you think the Titans should lose out to fulfill a top selection in the NFL Draft? Who would be your first choice in a mock draft and why? What area is the biggest need for the Titans in the 2015 season? We are eager to read your answers in the comment section below.