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The Tennessee Titans are a Wrecking Ball; Destruction One Game at a Time


Coming into the 2014 NFL season all the hype building around the Tennessee Titans was projecting to have a good season, at least better than more recent seasons. The Titans came into the season with amazing talent in their secondary like, Jason McCourty, George Wilson, Bernard Pollard, and Blidi Wreh-Wilson. These players were expected to be an elite force of pass coverage in the league. Even Sammie Lee Hill and Wesley Woodyard were expected to propel the Titans’ defense to the next level. But, that has not been the case thus far in the season.

On offense, a very talented offensive line was expected to protect the quarterback in a skill set we haven’t experienced in years. The talent on the offensive line is endless. Players like Michael Oher, Michael Roos, and Chance Warmack are players no NFL would pass up. The receivers, Kendall Wright, Nate Washington, and Delanie Walker were the core of what made this offense projected to be powerful. Shonn Greene was expected to dominate with the run game. And, everyone felt that even a quarterback like Jake Locker couldn’t squander a season backed with this much talent. But, that is not the case thus far in the season.

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The 2014 Tennessee Titans are a wrecking ball, destroying any hopes of pulling together a successful season, one game at a time. Of course, the delusion of a successful season opener win over the Chiefs seemed prominent for this season to be something of success for Titan Nation. But, three straight losses resulting in an injured quarterback, off rhythm receivers, an untrusting offensive line, a blind secondary, and a non existent run game have brought down the morale of the team and fan base.

Three weeks ago, we were talking about changes that could lead to a successful season for the Titans. Now, we’re talking about hopefully surviving to break .500 for the first time in four years, and the odds of that happening is becoming more doubtful each game. Of course, you could say there is plenty of games left in the regular season. That is true, but looking at the Titans track record – how many times have we said that in the past? Three straight seasons have been a disappointment.

The Titans were a six point favorite coming into the game against the Colts on Sunday. They were manhandle on both sides of the ball by the Colts, resulting in a loss by 24 points. Looking ahead, the Titans are just a 1.5 point favorite over the Browns coming into next Sunday’s game. It may have been significantly higher odds had the Titans come remotely close to covering the spread in their three straight losses. The truth is, the path that the Titans have went down leads me to suspect it will be a struggle against Cleveland. And now, I wouldn’t be surprised for a loss at LP Field on Sunday. It is no longer a surprise and each loss is becoming less painful for Titan fans.

It is time to Titan Up! It is time to try. It is time to care. It is time for the boys in two-toned blue to play physical and competitive football. Please, for the love of God, give us a one-hundred percent effort. We deserve it, right?