Titan Sized Tidbits: Rob Bironas Death Takes a Bizarre Turn


This past Saturday, news surfaced across the web that Tennessee Titans’ former kicker Rob Bironas was killed in a horrific car crash just a mile from his home in Nashville. We reported the story on our site, and everything seemed to be a fatal accident that did not involve foul play, drugs, or alcohol.

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Now, multiple reports have surfaced of road rage being influenced by Bironas leading up to the accident. CBS News is reporting that a woman placed a 911 call claiming to be a victim of road rage by Biroans, just moments before the fatal accident occurred.

The woman stated to the dispatcher that her and her husband were driving when Bironas pulled up beside them at a red light. She alleged that she nor her husband knew who the driver (Bironas) was and that he was giving them a look while stopped at the red light. The woman then said he tried to run their vehicle off the road before speeding away.

“We let him go on past us because he was trying to run me off the road and we don’t know who he was,” the woman told the dispatcher.

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Another account has surfaced of two Belmont students who said Bironas threatened to kill them and attempted to sideswipe their truck before confronting another man and woman’s vehicle, attempting to run their vehicle off the road on Saturday night.

One of the students recalled of a conversation he had with Bironas while at a red light. He said that Bironas’ had the window down to his SUV, and he informed Bironas that he may have an exhaust problem due to the familiar order coming from his vehicle. He said Bironas looked over at him and said, “I’m going to kill everybody in your f***ing vehicle.”

The student said they attempted to flee away from Bironas, but he caught back up to them, and at one point nearly sideswiped their truck, missing it by a foot. He said they had to reach speeds in excess of 110 miles per hour to get away from Bironas.

More leads also developed in regards to a police report given by Rachel Bradshaw, the wife of Bironas. She reported her husband missing Saturday night. She said her and Bironas were watching a movie and that he went to bed around 9:30 p.m. She said later on in the night she realized Bironas was no longer in their home and after failed attempts to reach him on his cell phone, she called the police.

This news comes as a bizarre twist to this story. It was unlike Bironas’ character to act out vicious road rage as it was reported by these witnesses. Bironas was well known for his deep in involvement with charity work and helping the community of Nashville. I am sure more news will break of this story once the autopsy reports come back.

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