W7-Titan Sized Report: Drawing Attention


Kenny Britt did more in 3 quarters of action on Sunday than any Tennessee Titan receiver has done all year. The Titan offense appears to be turning some heads in both the running and passing game.  Here’s a quick review of the Tennessee Titan’s Week 7 performance on offense, including unit grades and selections of a “Titan” and “Terrible” player of the week.

Offensive Line – C+

This line is still not blocking consistently, allowing Kerry Collins to be sacked 3 times and drawing multiple holding penalties.  Mike Munchak is a good offensive line coach, but he is no magician.  Leroy Harris and Eugene Amano continue to make mental mistakes and killed drives in the 1st quarter with unnecessary holds.  With the San Diego Chargers on tap (25 sacks in 2010), this line will face another stiff challenge come Sunday.

Wide Receivers and Tight Ends – A+ (Most Improved)

Kenny Britt abused Ellis Hobbs and Nate Allen all afternoon, helping Collins relive the glory days.  However, Britt needs to realize that he can shut himself down.  Off the field, he is a swirling tornado of bad decision making and one would hope that a Titan veteran will arrange a sit down with him this week.  Damian Williams is coming along nicely and looks to become a quality slot receiver going forward.  Nate Washington’s recent disappearance will only be troubling if the Titan’s lose.

Running Backs – B

Like the Jacksonville Jaguars before them, the Eagles looked more committed to stopping CJ2K than they were to winning this game.  And there’s little that CJ can be expected to do with 9 men in the box every play, literally out-numbering his offensive line nearly 2-to-1.  Even Javon Ringer, who has been averaging over 5.5 yards per carry, could not find wiggle room.  It might be difficult to hear, but CJ’s lofty goal of 2500 rushing yards is officially dead.

Quarterback – B-

There is no quarterback controversy in Nashville.  Collins (17 for 31, 276 yards, 3 TDs, 2 INTs) was mediocre most of the game and if you take away his completions to Britt, actually looked anemic and awful (10-21, 51 yards, 2 INTs).  This team is better with Vince Young under center and better at utilizing Bo Scaife, Washington, Williams, and Britt.

Titan Player of the Week:

Kenny Britt (7 receptions, 225 yards, 3 TDs) – Each of Britt’s 3 TDs were more an example of his overwhelming physical ability to make a play in traffic, than evidence that Kerry Collins still “has it.”  The 80-yard touchdown catch has to be vomit-inducing for any serious Eagle fan.

Terrible Player of the Week:

Leroy Harris (2 holding penalties) – It is no secret that I am not a believer in Harris.  Think back to the Jacksonville game, did anyone notice any significant drop-off in performance for this offensive line without Harris?  Maybe CJ2K’s problems have less to do with 8-9 men in the box and more to do with a line that essentially made only one change in the off-season.

Overall Offense Grade – B+

Scoring 27 points in the 4th quarter (most in franchise history) was the difference between a Titan win and loss this week.  Believe it or not, the Titans offense is the second highest scoring offense (28.4 points per game) in the NFL right now (through 7 games).  Only the New England Patriots, you know the team with Tom Brady and 5 wide receiver sets, average more points per game (29.5 ppg).  Finally, the Titans offense appears to be drawing some attention around the league.