Keith Bulluck Signs With the Giants


Veteran linebacker Keith Bulluck and the New York Giants have agreed to a one-year contract that could be worth up to $2.5 million, a source close to the player said Saturday.  Bulluck appeared in 157 games during his career with the Titans, registering 18 sacks and 19 interceptions. He was a Pro Bowl selection following the 2003 season. (Courtesy of

I must say that this news surprises me,  As a fan base we expect certain things to happen, and as Americans we are taught that hard work is rewarded by success which is also interpreted in monetary gain.  So, when I first read the article on I was shocked to say the least to find out that a man that busted his ass off from day 1, was released because he had gotten a little long in the tooth.  Age is a constant opponent of football players, but ones such as Keith deserve to retire with a team that loved him as a son of Tennessee, and welcomed him with opens arms since his first day at camp.

I am not one to question Coach Fisher but I now ask the question, who do you expect to replace Bulluck?  an 8 year veteran in Will Witherspoon? David Thornton who is battling an injury recovery as well? a rookie in Rennie Curran? Gerald Mcrath who is facing a 4 game suspension? I have to honestly say that I cannot predict the future on this scenario.  Best case: Witherspoon comes in and makes an immediate impact, Thornton stays healthy (injured twice last season), and McRath comes back and plays solid at either Outside Linebacking spots.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am all for Rennie Curran, Will Witherspoon and Gerald Mcrath.  I personally feel those will be the starting linebackers for the Titans until we find a replacement for Bulluck.  However, we could have easily signed Keith and started him during McRath’s 4 game suspension or in case an injury happens in camp, or even just had him as a back up capacity.  Any of those scenarios would have allowed us to keep depth at the position AND allowed Keith to retire a Titan.  Now all that we are left with as a fan base are more questions and fewer answers.