Who will be the Tennessee Titans next offensive coordinator?

Miami Dolphins Training Camp
Miami Dolphins Training Camp / Joel Auerbach/GettyImages

Hiring Brian Callahan as a play-calling head coach means that the Tennessee Titans will finally have consistency on offense, but hiring the right offensive coordinator is still important.

Before Callahan was hired, I made my attempt at building the best coaching staff possible for the Tennessee Titans this season.

I nailed the Callahan hiring, but I will probably miss my guess for the offensive coordinator spot. In that article, I wrote that Thomas Brown or Liam Coen would be great fits for the Tennessee Titans based on their experience in the offense that Callahan will be bringing with him.

However, Brown wasn't a very hot commodity on the market and ended up settling for a passing game coordinator job with the Chicago Bears. Meanwhile, there hasn't been any report that has connected Coen to the Titans, and while it is still a possibility it might be smart to consider other options.

Which coaching candidate makes the most sense for the Tennessee Titans

So far we know about three coaches that the Tennessee Titans have interviewed or plan to interview for the open coordinator spot:

-Nick Holz, passing game coordinator, Jacksonville Jaguars

-Eric Studesville, associate head coach/running backs coach, Miami Dolphins

-Thad Lewis, QB coach, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

None of those candidates stand out as exceptional options, but they are all interesting options. With Holz and Lewis, the Titans would get guys focused on improving the passing game who have had some success in the NFL already.

With Studesville, the Tennessee Titans would get a true veteran (26 years in the NFL) whose experience in the running game would balance out Callahan's strength in the passing game. I'm not a huge fan of anyone who is going to emphasize the running game, but Studesville would understand exactly how a modern running game should be used.

In Miami, the Dolphins used the running game perfectly and what he did with Raheem Mostert (21 touchdowns) and De'Von Achane (7.8 yards per carry) was very impressive. That is the type of backfield that the Tennessee Titans should be trying to cultivate and it would blend perfectly in an offense where Callahan is going to prioritize bringing in weapons in the passing game.

For that reason and because this coaching staff is going to need some experience, I am going to lean towards Studesville as the best choice to be the Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator this year.