Who is to blame for the Tennessee Titans failures this season?

Cincinnati Bengals v Tennessee Titans
Cincinnati Bengals v Tennessee Titans / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

The Tennessee Titans are 2-4 and there is very little hope in the fan base right now when you look at the teams they have lost to and how they have lost.

There isn't one single thing to point to and say "That is why the Titans are losing", and that is one of the most frustrating parts about this. Against the Cleveland Browns, Andre Dillard was beaten so badly by Myles Garrett that the Tennessee Titans could barely make it to fourth down without him getting to the quarterback, much less string a drive together.

In the New Orleans Saints game, Ryan Tannehill threw as many interceptions in that game as he did in the following five games.

Against the Indianapolis Colts, the Tennessee Titans forgot how to play defense and they let a backup quarterback, backup running back, and a banged-up offensive line do whatever they wanted to do. In that game, the defense only forced one punt and they have no turnovers, which is just about as bad as you can play.

Then against the Baltimore Ravens, the Titans looked so poorly coached that it was a shock that they were ever in a position to take the lead. The coaches forgot to tell Nicholas Petit-Frere that he had to be off the line of scrimmage on a trick play that would have been an explosive Derrick Henry run, Kyle Philips muffed a punt that he should never have been back there to return, and nothing they did looked sharp.

How do the Tennessee Titans fix it?

The sad reality is that there isn't an easy fix.

Defensively, the Tennessee Titans are more talented than they were last season. Despite that, the team has hit the quarterback three times in the last two games and both the coaches and players seem increasingly frustrated. The defensive front was supposed to be the identity of this team, but right now they are an afterthought.

While a lack of talent on offense has been the most common excuse, that isn't something that can be fixed during the season. Depressingly, it isn't something that fans should be confident in going forward. Think about this, the Titans' identified the offensive line as a position where they needed to greatly improve. The biggest move of the offseason was signing Andre Dillard because he is someone that Mike Vrabel had high expectations for, and he has been an absolute failure and he has been benched before playing six full games.

DeAndre Hopkins was a very good signing, but that wasn't something that the Tennessee Titans had planned. He has already said publicly that there were five other teams that he talked to at some point in the offseason who decided they didn't want him, which means if any of them had been involved he probably wouldn't be in Nashville.

It would take a minor miracle for the Tennessee Titans to get back into things, but it would almost certainly have to start with a win against the Atlanta Falcons at home. While the team is nearly out of it now, losing the Atlanta Falcons at home in the Houston Oiler throwbacks would break this team's already fragile spirit.