Where could the Tennessee Titans pick in the 2024 NFL Draft?

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The end of the season is usually a tough pill to swallow, but Tennessee Titans fans have suffered enough this year.

There have been silver linings to this terrible season. Harold Landry looks like he is ready to be a menace again next season, Denico Autry had a career year, Derrick Henry had another 1,000-yard season, DeAndre Hopkins looks like he can still be a factor in this league, and most importantly it looks like Will Levis has a chance to be the guy at the most important position on the field.

However, there is a lot of work to be done and that isn't news to Tennessee Titans fans. This team lacks depth in several areas and they only go as far as their best players will take them, and they don't have enough of those either.

The Tennessee Titans will have more money to spend than anyone else this offseason (once Andre Dillard is cut), and they will get plenty of chances to add key starters and depth to this roster.

However, the most reliable way to get blue-chip talent has always been the NFL Draft. Another silver lining to the disastrous season is that the Tennessee Titans are guaranteed to have a pick inside the top-8.

While the worst-case scenario is that the Tennessee Titans get the 8th pick in the draft, they could draft as high as 4th in the right circumstances. So, what should Tennessee Titans fans cheer for on Saturday?

Tennessee Titans cheering guide for Sunday

Since the Titans had one of the hardest schedules in the NFL, they are going to lose a tie-breaker with any current 5-win team (L.A. Chargers and New York Giants).

The L.A. Chargers take on the Kansas City Chiefs at 3:25 CST on Sunday, and the Chiefs have already said that they are planning on resting starters including Patrick Mahomes. That should be good news for the L.A. Chargers which means good news for the Tennessee Titans.

Simultaneously, the New York Giants are hosting the Philadelphia Eagles and it looks like the Eagles might be resting their starters as well.

Each time one of those teams wins, the Tennessee Titans move up a spot in the draft (provided that they lose to the Jacksonville Jaguars). If the Giants and Chargers both win, then the Tennessee Titans will move up to the 5th pick in the draft.

While three teams with 4 wins could win tomorrow and tie the Tennessee Titans record, only one of them matters. If the Arizona Cardinals can beat the Seattle Seahawks, it would also push the Tennessee Titans up a spot based on their strength of schedule.

To recap, the math for Tennessee Titans fans is pretty simple this weekend. They will start Sunday picking 7th, and each time the Cardinals, Giants, or Chargers win the Tennessee Titans will move up a spot in the draft.

If the Titans manage to win on Sunday, then they would only lose one spot in the draft by moving up to 8th.