What is the emergency fallback option for the Tennessee Titans at left tackle?

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The Tennessee Titans can't rebuild the entire roster in a single offseason, and they would be crazy to even attempt that.

Talking about the Titans rebuild is going to take some nuance this offseason because it is going to be a strange process for a few reasons.

The combination of already having a quarterback that they want to build around, potentially having the most cap space in the NFL, and a top-10 pick means that fans are right to hope that they are aggressive while also understanding that some problems are going to have to be pushed into next offseason.

Brian Callahan talked about the Tennessee Titans rebuild with Mike Keith and Amie Wells on the first OTP from the NFL Combine this year. During their conversation, Callahan said, "We are trying to put the best team on the field each year...if we need free agency, if we need the draft, we are trying to put the most competitive, best team on the field every year. There is drafting for long-range, there is signing for long-range, and then there is signing those guys who come in and help you for a year or two to keep moving forward.

If the Tennessee Titans are honest at the combine, they could be leaning toward taking a wide receiver over an offensive tackle in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft (which would look like this). Before making that decision, they must make some headway at the tackle position, specifically at left tackle.

Right tackle is interesting because there are several options in free agency and in the draft that the Tennessee Titans could go after. Whether that means journeymen like George Fant or Chris Hubbard, or a second-round draft pick, there are going to be options for the Titans.

Even if they swing and miss on all of those options, Callahan has said that guys like Nicholas Petit-Frere and Jaelyn Duncan showed some nice things and that could mean that he is considering giving them a chance to earn a job in training camp. Not to mention Dillon Radunz finding his footing at right tackle towards the end of last season as well.

Left tackle is much more difficult and I don't think there are any long-term options at the position outside of the NFL Draft. Luckily, there are some interesting stopgap options. Names like Tyron Smith and Jonah Williams make some sense because of their connections to Bill Callahan and Brian Callahan respectively, and both would be massive upgrades over what the Tennessee Titans have had since Taylor Lewan started getting injured.

However, there is another intriguing left tackle out there that the Tennessee Titans might want to consider if things don't work out with Williams or Smith. Ultimately, it should all come down to what new Tennessee Titans OL coach Bill Callahan wants to do.

Bill Callahan has a reputation for getting the most out of his guys. His claim to fame is turning first-round picks into stars, but he has also gotten above-average play out of below-average players. Former New York Jets first-round pick Mekhi Becton would require Callahan to put both of those talents to good use.

Becton is going to be a free agent this offseason, and according to Tony Pauline (who knows the Jets better than any other insider), Becton isn't going to be joining Keith Carter again next season.

NFL insider Tony Pauline said, "Since the Shrine Bowl, word in the league has been consistent; expect Becton to sign a one-year deal with a team other than the Jets."

Becton's career has been a rollercoaster, to say the least. He started very strong playing left tackle at such a high level that Brian Baldinger called him the New York Jets best player as a rookie. Unfortunately, Becton followed that up with back-to-back seasons that were ended by knee injuries.

Last year, Becton quietly started 16 games for the Jets and he had an up-and-down year which is what happens to guys recovering from knee issues. However, the guy is a massive human with freaky athleticism at his disposal, and there aren't many people walking around who have that combination (even in the NFL).

I'm not pushing Becton to be plan A or plan B for the Tennessee Titans, but there are much worse ideas than signing a former first-round left tackle who is 25-year-old, has freaky athleticism, and started 16 games last season, to compete for a starting tackle spot under the best offensive line coach in the NFL.