Trading down to make the perfect Titans 7-round 2024 NFL Mock Draft

2024 CFP National Championship - Michigan v Washington
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3rd round selections for the Tennessee Titans

Round 3, pick 75: Jaden Hicks S, Washington State

Round 3, pick 77: Junior Colson LB, Michigan

Both of these picks are the benefits from the trade-downs that the team made in the first and second rounds.

So far the Tennessee Titans have landed incredible value in an offensive tackle that would go top-3 in any other draft and a receiver who would be a late first-round pick in any other draft. Considering that these are basically bonus picks you can look at them in one of two ways.

Either you could swing for the fences and draft developmental fliers that have boom-or-bust potential, or you can focus on trying to find guys who fill needs on your roster even though they might not be the best available players.

Luckily, Hicks is actually one of the best available players when the Titans select him. Hicks is the perfect fit for a defense that will be looking for someone that can line up in the box and blitz or lay a big hit on someone like Jamal Adams did for Dennard Wilson in New York or like Kyle Hamilton did or him in Baltimore.

Colson is one of a big group of linebackers that aren't JAGs, but who probably aren't going to be anything more than average to above-average starters in the league. The gap between 77 and 146 is too long to wait and this gives the Titans a starter at a need position that pairs well with Kenneth Murray.