Titans schedule release brings back iconic video with hilarious twist

The best social reveal of all time is BACK.
Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars
Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars / Courtney Culbreath/GettyImages

Today was the Titans' Super Bowl. And if you think the Super Bowl is the Titans' Super Bowl, I'm sorry, but that's wrong. The Titans' are the undisputed heavyweight champs of social media schedule reveals, all thanks to 2023's instantly-iconic man-on-the-street bit.

So the entire NFL world – any maybe the entire world in general – was waiting with baited breath to see how they would follow up one of the best two minutes of internet content ever created. And friends, they didn't disappoint:

Admittedly, when they first published it, I was skeptical. Running the same joke back two years in a row is certainly a choice. But! There was never any reason to doubt the Titans social media team. Finding the woman who made last year's video so funny was a clever touch, and changing up the questions was always a fun twist. And now, some quick thoughts that didn't really flow with the rest of this blog.

1. Nashville's got some real issues with teams giving up on Kirk Cousins?
2. It's truly amazing how many people confuse the Colts and the Cowboys. The Cowboys!
3. The Jets did peak in 1970.
4. A 4th down Lions reference! The revolution is happening!
5. The 'What Happened' Patriots is *chefs kiss.*
6. Deeply curious what actor/Chargers fan that woman is referencing.
7. A David Carr reference?
8. No one ever knows who the Jaguars are. They didn't last year, they didn't this year, they never will.

Well done, Titans' social team. You can probably take the rest of the week off.