Titans schedule 2024: How many primetime games does Tennessee have?

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The Tennessee Titans now know when they'll play every game in 2024 and there are some intriguing match-ups on their schedule this year.

With the Titans coming off a disappointing five-win season in 2023, it wouldn't have been crazy if the NFL schedule-makers opted not to give them any primetime games. After all, teams are no longer guaranteed to have at least one primetime game so if the NFL hadn't given Tennessee a standalone game, it'd have been well within their rights.

Fortunately, the Titans haven't been shunned from the bright lights of primetime this year.

How many primetime games do the Titans have this year?

The Titans are scheduled to appear in one primetime game this season and it'll come early in the year, as they'll play the Dolphins in Miami on Monday Night Football in Week 4. This is the only primetime game currently scheduled for Tennessee unless they go on to surprise some people and get a game or two flexed into standalone spots later in the year.

That being said, Titans vs. Dolphins is a pretty intriguing match-up. The Dolphins had an explosive offense last year but could never seem to beat the big dogs in the league while the Titans disappointed but are hoping to have some offensive firepower of their own this year.

Hopefully, the Titans can go into South Beach and take down the 'Fins on Monday Night Football on September 30th and go 1-0 in primetime games this year.