3 Titans players who could be cut before playing a snap in 2023

Which Titans players might not even make it to Week 1?
Titans, Julius Chestnut
Titans, Julius Chestnut / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages
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As the Tennessee Titans prepare for training camp in roughly a month, fans have gotten over the initial excitement of the offseason happenings.

Free agency and the 2023 NFL Draft are in the rear view, and now it's about watching the team put in the work throughout the summer months in preparation for September.

As the summer wears on, there will be some players who won't end up playing a snap in Week 1 and, instead, find out they're not making the final roster. Three guys, in particular, seem to be headed that direction, and a couple of them are actually fairly close to finding their way into a spot.

LJ Davis, CB

At the moment, undrafted cornerback LJ Davis sits at the tail end of the Titans' depth chart. Davis came from Northern Arizona, a much smaller program and thus making it a whole lot more difficult for him to find his way to the NFL.

Earlier this month, Davis had a standout practice during minicamp where he was able to get his hands on a pair of passes, one of them being a jumping pass breakup off Will Levis. Although he turned some heads at minicamp, Davis still faces an uphill battle.

Between outside corners and nickel corners, the Titans appear to have roughly five spots locked in, and maybe even six depending on which outlet you trust. Ahead of Davis on the depth chart are a total of 12 players. While Davis' success so far this offseason is a nice story, the fact of the matter still remains, he's unlikely to make that final roster and will ultimately be cut before ever playing a snap.