Titans might already be screwed before the NFL schedule is even released

Don't even bother watching the games.
Indianapolis Colts v Tennessee Titans
Indianapolis Colts v Tennessee Titans / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

The NFL schedule won't be officially released for another month or so, but the Titans' playoff hopes are already dead. You heard it from Warren Sharp first, and here second. There's no hope.

That's because this week, the NFL numbers guy released his annual strength of schedule primer. Basically, he crunches a bunch of stats, throws them on a color-coordinated webpage, and then people panic. And this year, those people panicking include Titans fans. (Right? I haven't actually seen any panic so I'm just assuming.)

According to Sharp, the Titans have the 6th hardest schedule in the NFL. How did Sharp figure that out? Vegas odds! And other calculations that are too complicated to explain, apparently. After briefly touching how he came to those numbers, he then takes twice as long explaining why everyone should believe him. Very compelling stuff. There are also plenty of hyperlinked opportunities to buy his 500+ page football preview, which is definitely the amount of pages necessary for a football preview in April. Any less would be leaving crucial content on the table.

So that's a wrap on the 2024 season. If there was any chance for the Titans, it's gone now. They're on the red side of that screengrab, and you don't even need to grind that much tape to know being on the red side is bad. They're right there with the Ravens, 49ers, Lions, and Bills, all of whom will also have bad seasons. The algorithm – which you yourself can own for less than 4$ a week! – has spoken.