Titans fans will love what Brock Bowers said about his NFL future

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The Tennessee Titans own the seventh overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft and a popular name who should be on their board is Georgia tight end Brock Bowers. The Bulldog finished his 2023 campaign with 714 yards and six touchdowns.

When Pro Football Talk Live host and former NFL quarterback Chris Simms spoke with Bowers at the Super Bowl, the tight end didn't hold back about where he'd like to end up come draft weekend. He said the Tennessee Titans is where he wants to land.

Brock Bowers wants to be drafted by the Titans.

Pass-catcher is on the list of needs for the Titans in the draft and if Bowers is on the board after the first six picks, it'd be hard to pass on him. At the same time, the Titans' biggest weakness is easily their offensive line so if Joe Alt is available, he'd be the wiser pick for the team. We haven't seen a lot of first-round tight ends become superstars so that could also be an argument for not picking Bowers in the top 10.

Still, it's hard to ignore Bowers wanting to come and play for the Titans when it might not be an ideal landing spot for a lot of other young players. They have a first-year head coach, a young quarterback who is still unproven, and the offensive line situation is rough.

Perhaps Bowers believes in Brian Callahan as a head coach and likes what he sees in Levis (who also played in the SEC in college) and that's what's drawn him to Tennessee. Whatever the reason might be, the Titans shouldn't ignore the top tight end in the draft class listing them as his preferred destination.

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