Titans fans will love the message Will Levis sent about this upcoming season

"I’m trying to prove this organization right."
Tennessee Titans v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Will Levis waited the entire first night of the 2023 NFL Draft to hear his name called. It never happened. The next night, he waited about 10 minutes, as the Tennessee Titans snagged him with the first pick of the second round.

Levis went on to play nine games for Tennessee as a rookie, throwing for 1,808 yards, eight touchdowns, and four interceptions while leading the team to a 3-6 record in his starts. The hope is that Levis takes the next step in 2024. After all, there's no one ahead of him on the depth chart, unlike last year. This is his team and he needs to prove that he's worthy of the early second-round pick.

Levis recently spoke to Albert Breer of SI and said his motivation this year is to prove the Titans organization right.

"“It definitely leaves a little bit of a chip on my shoulder and makes me want to go out there and work and keep showing people that teams might have made a mistake by not taking me,” Levis said. “Hopefully I’m that guy that they talk about that did slip, and I can be that example for other kids that are in that same position in the green room like me.""

From Breer's article

Brian Callahan then jumped in, noting that he sees it more as Levis wanting to prove people right. That's when Levis gave the money quote.

"I'm trying to prove this organization right."

Titans fans hope that the organization is proven right by Will Levis

Levis showed potential during his rookie season despite winning just three games but wins and losses shouldn't be a quarterback stat. Football is a team sport so the game shouldn't always lay on the shoulders of the quarterback. Levis will need to up his game this year though and the hope is that Callahan is going to help him do that.

One thing is for sure though and that's that Levis has the perfect motivation entering a key second season.