Titans 2023 draft class gets low grade after first season of action

Tennessee had six picks in last year's draft.

Dec 31, 2023; Houston, Texas, USA; Tennessee Titans quarterback Will Levis (8) before the game
Dec 31, 2023; Houston, Texas, USA; Tennessee Titans quarterback Will Levis (8) before the game / Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee's 2023 rookies now have a year of experience under their collective belt, so now seems like a fair time to look back and evaluate the class as a whole.

Unfortunately for the Titans, the results were somewhat underwhelming. The Athletic recently graded every team's '23 draft class, and the Bengals received a 'C-' for their first-year players.

For those who need a reminder, the Titans drafted offensive lineman Peter Skoronski with the 11th overall pick last year, followed by quarterback Will Levis in the second round and running back Tyjae Spears in the third round. Their remaining picks included tight end Josh Whyle, offensive tackle Jaelyn Duncan and wide receier Colton Dowell.

Here's what the Athletic had to say about the draft class:

"Peter Skoronski (No. 11) was the first step toward rebuilding Tennessee’s offensive line, and he looks like he will be one of the top young guards in the NFL. RB Tyjae Spears (No. 81) still has to prove himself durable enough for an increased workload, but he averaged more than 4.5 yards per carry as a rookie, and 70 percent of his yardage came after contact.... The big question here is quarterback Will Levis (No. 33), whom the Titans will be evaluating closely in 2024."

It's important to keep in mind that just because the class didn't blow anyone away last season doesn't mean that it's a wash. All of the players drafted in '23 are still very young and have ample room to grow and improve. Perhaps we'll see several of them take major steps forward in 2024.

All eyes on Levis in 2024

Levis, specifically, will play a major part in how Tennessee's '23 draft class is ultimately remembered. He flashed some potential in nine starts as a rookie last season, as he threw for 1,808 yards and eight touchdowns. Now he'll get the keys to the car as the team's starting quarterback heading into the 2024 season.

If Levis seizes the opportunity and solidifies himself as the Titans starting quarterback of the future, his rookie class will likely be looked back upon in a positive light by fans in Tennessee. However, if he flames out and it becomes evident that the Titans will need to look elsewhere for quarterback play moving forward, the class will drift closer towards the "bust" category.