This coaching staff could turn the Tennessee Titans into immediate contenders

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Key Tennessee Titans Assistant Coaches

Passing Game Coordinator: Charles London

It wasn't all bad in Tennessee last year, and there were several games where the Titans looked explosive passing the ball. The problem was that when the Titans would do well early, Mike Vrabel couldn't wait to try to sit on a lead and shift into ultra-conservative mode.

People have a high opinion of Charles London and the work he did with Will Levis last year, and it makes sense to have as many smart offensive coaches on the staff as possible.

I could see London going somewhere else and Thomas Brown or Liam Coen taking this title, but it is easier to add a new coach and give him a unique title than it is to try to convince someone like London to take a demotion.

Offensive Line Coach/Assistant Head Coach: Mike Munchak (or Bill Callahan)

The Tennessee Titans have a chance to pick between two of the best offensive line coaches of the last 30 years.

Bill Callahan is currently the offensive line coach of the Cleveland Browns, so the Tennessee Titans can't offer him a lateral position. I believe the Titans could add the "assistant head coach" title and hire him away from the Browns, but that might not be something that Bill Callahan wants to do to his current employer.

That is the easiest connection to draw, but I am more interested in Mike Munchak. I wrote about this at length last week, but Munchak consistently made the Tennessee Titans offensive line one of the best in the league and he did that without the Titans ever spending a first-round pick on an offensive linemen during his time as offensive line coach.

His ability to find and develop Day 3 talent and get the most out of them was phenomenal and bringing Munchak home to a franchise that loves him (and retired his number), would be an amazing story.

Either coach would be a massive upgrade to anything the Tennessee Titans had under Mike Vrabel, but I would give the slight edge to Munchak.