This coaching staff could turn the Tennessee Titans into immediate contenders

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Offensive Coordinator

Offensive Coordinator: Liam Coen/Thomas Brown

Whether Coen calls plays or not will be up to Brian Callahan, but Coen has experience calling plays if he is asked to do that.

More importantly, Coen's job will be to work with Callahan and Will Levis to come up with an offense that blends what Levis did well as a rookie and what he did well in Kentucky, with what Callahan wants to do on offense.

Both Callahan and Coen are experts on the Sean McVay offense. That is the offense that the Bengals run with Zac Taylor as the play caller, and Coen worked with McVay for four years including being the OC in 2022.

That is also the offense that Levis ran with Coen as his OC at Kentucky, so it should be very easy for those three to get on the same page quickly.

I wanted to add Thomas Brown's name in here because the Tennessee Titans have shown a lot of interest in Brown and he was a big get for the Carolina Panthers just a year ago. Before joining the Panthers as their OC, Brown coached running backs and tight ends with the Rams while also holding the title of assistant head coach.

Considering his background and the Titans' interest, Brown could be the next OC with Coen becoming the quarterbacks coach/assistant head coach. It could also go another way with Brown being named the tight ends coach/assistant head coach and Coen as the OC.

Either way, I think the Titans should be trying to hire both guys and Coen should be given priority considering his experience in Callahan's system and his familiarity with Will Levis.