The Tennessee Titans offensive line will have four new starters in 2024

Answering some of the biggest questions for the Titans
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Right tackle

It is hard to figure out where to start this list exactly because Nicholas Petit-Frere should have been a layup for this job. However, he has done just about everything in his power to lose it since he has missed nearly a month of on-field work with an undisclosed injury.

At this point, there isn't an ideal candidate on the roster for this job. NPF is the only option who has spent any real time in the NFL at right tackle, but he has missed a month of physical development that he won't have a chance to get back during the season due to how practices are laid out.

Jaelyn Duncan is the next man up because he participated in minicamp despite missing OTAs, but people don't seem to remember what Jaelyn Duncan was like as a rookie. Duncan was Andre Dillard, Dennis Daley levels of bad in his first season, and he has to dig himself out of a pretty deep hole to convince anyone that he should have a chance to be a starter again.

In an ideal world where everything goes according to plan, Duncan should be a developmental player who has a chance to earn a look in 2025 after a year of development under the best offensive line coach in the NFL.

Another name that has popped up is John Ojukwu, but I expect that to go the same way that it went for Ojukwu last year when Mike Vrabel got his hopes up about him. Maybe he shows something in the preseason that changes my mind, but he feels like a placeholder right now.

Finally, Leroy Watson is a guy who Bill Callahan thought enough of to advocate for Ran Carthon to trade for him before the draft. I think he is on the same track as Jaelyn Duncan, but the difference is that Watson comes with the Bill Callahan stamp of approval and he hasn't dug himself into a hole like Duncan has.