The Tennessee Titans finally add to the defensive line in free agency

The Titans continue to check boxes in free agency

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You can't blame Tennessee Titans fans for getting antsy as the free-agent market rapidly started to dry up over the weekend.

What the Titans did in the first few days of free agency was great, but that was always just the first leg of the race. For this offseason to be a success, Ran Carthon was tasked with finding starters at 10 different positions (not including special teams).

The goal of talent acquisition should always be quality over quantity, and Carthon clearly focused on that last week with the additions of Calvin Ridley, Lloyd Cushenberry, Tony Pollard, and Nick Folk. With most of the quality off of the board, the Titans have to build a roster with the tools they have at their disposal. Since they only have two top-100 picks in the 2024 NFL Draft, they were always going to have to do a lot in free agency.

After a slow Monday, the Tennessee Titans made a move on Tuesday morning to add veteran defensive tackle Sebastian Joseph-Day.

Joseph-Day was the 17th-best defensive tackle in free agency this offseason according to PFF, and he grades out as an average defensive tackle that can move around and play in the A-gap or B-gap which is exactly what the Tennessee Titans need.

The best way I can describe him is that he is going to be the defensive line version of what Daniel Brunskill was for the Titans last year. A solid player who plays a low-value position, but who isn't going to be the reason why his group fails. If he is the worst starter on your defensive line, then you have a great defensive line.

Where do the Tennessee Titans stand now?

With this signing, the Tennessee Titans have checked another box on their to-do list. Here is a quick overview of what they have done so far:

Needs filled:
-C: Lloyd Cushenberry, 4 years/$50 million ($12.5 million AAV)
-LB: Kenneth Murray, 2 years/$18 million ($9 million AAV)
-CB1: Chidobe Awuzie, 3 years/$36 million ($12 million AAV)
-WR2: Calvin Ridley, 4 years/$92 million ($23 million AAV)
-WR (vertical threat/playmaker): Calvin Ridley, (he fills both roles)
-DT (1-tech): Sebastian Joseph-Day

Needs remaining:

To be fully transparent, I am considering changing one of the positions on the remaining needs list. I thought that the Tennessee Titans would make a stronger effort to fix the offensive tackle position in free agency, but it seems like Ran Carthon, Brian Callahan, and Bill Callahan think the best plan of action is to let Dillon Radunz, Jaelyn Duncan, and Nicholas Petit-Frere battle it out for the right tackle position in training camp.

I don't have a problem with that strategy at all, especially if the Titans draft Joe Alt in the first round. At that point, you would have Joe Alt, Peter Skoronski, Lloyd Cushenberry, and Daniel Brunskill from left tackle to right guard, and that is certainly an above-average group. Trusting Bill Callahan to get league-average play from one of the other guys at right tackle is certainly possible.

Instead of right tackle, I might swap that out with linebacker. Initially, I thought the Titans would take a bigger swing at linebacker in free agency which would reduce the role of someone like Otis Reese or Jack Gibbens. However, signing Murray will only work out if there is another linebacker beside him that complements his skill set.

Don't be surprised if you see that changed the next time I give a free agency update.