The Tennessee Titans can't just run it back with Mike Vrabel

Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans
Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

The Tennessee Titans can't pretend like everything is fine any more.

For months there have been rumblings and rumors about Mike Vrabel's future with the Tennessee Titans. As the season dragged on there wasn't much of an effort made by the team or by Vrabel himself to come out and dispute these rumors.

Heading into the last game of the season, there was more smoke than ever that Mike Vrabel would be with another team in 2024. Everyone from Adam Schefter to Ian Rapoport to Tom Pelissero had something to say about Vrabel's future, and it was unanimous that something was going on and that an offseason meeting between Vrabel and ownership would be taking place after the season.

After crushing the Jacksonville Jaguars playoff dreams and giving Derrick Henry the farewell that he deserves (if it really is the end of his time with the Tennessee Titans), there was a chance that sentimentality would get the better of the team's ownership group and no big meeting would be required.

Instead, it has been radio silence from the Tennessee Titans today on the Vrabel front. As of 11 A.M. CST, Vrabel isn't currently scheduled to do a postseason press conference and none of the players have been told anything according to their exit interviews.

Something has to give for the Tennessee Titans

It is painfully obvious that something isn't working with the Titans, and even if they immediately schedule a press conference after this story goes live, questions will remain.

The iron-clad confidence that Amy Adams Strunk had in Mike Vrabel a season ago seems to be shaken, and even if he comes back, he will be on the hot seat with every decision closely scrutinized for the first time in his coaching career. Is that something that Vrabel really wants?

A lack of faith between Mike Vrabel and ownership isn't the only factor here, because it has been very quiet in New England this morning as well.

Despite nearly everyone agreeing that the New England Patriots will have a new coach next year, no announcement has been made. It doesn't take a tin foil hat to connect the dots that both teams are probably discussing Vrabel's future as we speak.

Even if nothing comes to fruition on that front, a lame-duck season for Mike Vrabel seems like a dangerous thing when you look at the crucial decision that he and GM Ran Carthon are going to be asked to make this offseason.

Does Amy Adams Strunk really want Vrabel spending $100 million of her money on a team that she might have to rebuild for a new coach a year from now?