The best argument against the Tennessee Titans drafting Joe Alt

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Bruce Matthews, Mike Munchak, Brad Hopkins, Kevin Mawae, Michael Roos, and Taylor Lewan are just a few of the names that quickly come to mind when you think about the Tennessee Titans and their history of great offensive linemen.

Peter Skoronski has a chance to be one of those players if he lives up to his draft pedigree and in three weeks the Tennessee Titans could have another potential star offensive lineman if they draft Notre Dame left tackle, Joe Alt with the seventh pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Anyone who follows me knows that I strongly believe that Joe Alt should be the Tennessee Titans next left tackle. In any other class, he is a top-3 draft pick, but because the Titans were blessed enough to have the 7th pick in a draft that could feature a historic run on quarterbacks, he should be available at 7.

With four quarterbacks set to get drafted in the first six picks, it is setting up for the Titans to have a choice between Alt and one of the three elite receiver prospects (Marvin Harrison Jr., Malik Nabers, and Rome Odunze).

After hiring Bill Callahan to be their offensive line coach and signing top center Lloyd Cushenberry in free agency, the Tennessee Titans are close to turning a catastrophic offensive line into one of the better lines in the NFL in just one offseason.

There is no consensus in the NFL, but nearly every draft evaluator (and opposing coaches that had to play Notre Dame) agrees that Joe Alt is the best tackle prospect in this class and that the picture gets muddled after that.

Assuming that the Tennessee Titans agree with what nearly everyone believes, there is no reason to pass on Joe Alt in the first round, right? What could make more sense than bringing in a guy whose resume and bloodlines scream "10-year Pro Bowl left tackle?"

Only one thing...dominance.

The missing piece to the best passing offense in the NFL

When the Houston Texans traded for 31-year-old receiver Stefon Diggs, the internet started debating where the Texans top trio of wide receivers stood compared to the rest of the NFL.

There really aren't any standout contenders for that title because no one has a great third receiver. Some of the third receivers in those arguments were Braxton Berrios, Tyler Scott, and DeMarcus Robinson.

Every group was propped up by the top two receivers on that offense, and I would argue that DeAndre Hopkins and Calvin Ridley deserve to be in that conversation. If they aren't a top-5 duo, then they are certainly close and that actually brings me to my point.

If the Tennessee Titans are on the clock and either Marvin Harrison Jr. or Malik Nabers is available, then the Titans would be one pick away from having the best trio of wide receivers in the NFL.

I still lean towards Joe Alt, but the Tennessee Titans have never had a wide receiver room come close to what DeAndre Hopkins, Calvin Ridley, and Malik Nabers have with Treylon Burks, Kyle Philips, and NWI behind them.

Having a truly dominant trio of receivers might just be enticing enough to make a convincing argument for signing someone like Andrus Peat to play left tackle as a bridge before trying to find a long-term answer at left tackle in free agency, the draft, or a trade after the 2024 season.