3 winners (and 3 losers) from Titans offseason so far

Even though it's only May, we're calling out some winners and losers.
Tennessee Titans, Will Levis
Tennessee Titans, Will Levis / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Loser: Kyle Philips, WR

As if his first two seasons weren't indicative enough of the Titans' overall faith in him, Kyle Philips saw the team go out and sign to notable veterans in Calvin Ridley and Tyler Boyd, who will both come in ahead of him on the depth chart.

Not only that, but former first-round pick Treylon Burks has been receiving some praise and hype this offseason as well. And of course, DeAndre Hopkins is still around. So, Philips might even see his snap percentages dip below where they've been over his first two years (27 percent as a rookie and 25 percent in 2023).

Winner: Will Levis, QB

Maybe the biggest winner, this offseason, has to be quarterback Will Levis. He gets a couple of new weapons to work with in Ridley and Boyd, but the Titans also added Latham and veteran center Lloyd Cushenberry. He gets two upgraded starters in front of him to help with protection and, hopefully, get the run game going strong to start the year.

The Titans' additions on both sides of the ball is indicative of their faith in the young quarterback. This team wouldn't have gone out and added so many prominent names if they weren't ready to try and compete right now, but here we are. Levis is their guy, and he has to feel very positive about the moves made this offseason.