3 winners (and 3 losers) from Titans offseason so far

Even though it's only May, we're calling out some winners and losers.
Tennessee Titans, Will Levis
Tennessee Titans, Will Levis / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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This offseason, the Tennessee Titans have had one of the better overall roster overhauls the NFL has seen.

It's been a balanced strategy, as Tennessee has added upper-level talent across multiple positions and on both sides of the ball.

With so much movement within this roster, sometimes we lose sight of the individuals most impacted by each move. Let's take a step back and look at which players should feel positively, and negatively, based on some of the moves made.

The Titans' roster overhaul should cause some players to feel great about the coming season, while others, not so much

Loser: Jaelyn Duncan, OT

It was only a matter of time before Jaelyn Duncan was replaced as the Titans' starting left tackle. When Tennessee selected JC Latham at no. 7 overall in this year's draft, Duncan immediately took a back seat. This was a case where there's not going to be a debate, nor a competition. It's Latham's job from Day 1.

Is it unfortunate for Duncan? Of course. But the reality is, Latham is going to be a better fit and player for the Titans.

Winner: Chigoziem Okonkwo, TE

When the Titans drafted Chigoziem Okonkwo two years ago, there were many who picked him to be a guy that would eventually break out as a significant part of this offense. He flashed a lot of what makes him unique over his first two years. Whether it's his speed, ability to gain yards after the catch, among other traits, Okonkwo still has plenty of potential to break out in Year 3.

Fortunately for him, the Titans didn't add a significant starting option at the position this offseason, whether it would have been through free agency or the draft. On an offense that should only be on the rise, Okonkwo has to feel confident after this offseason's moves.