3 teams that should call Titans about Derrick Henry

Could the Titans move on from the most dominant running back of the last decade?
Tennessee Titans, Derrick Henry
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3. Baltimore Ravens

One of the most obvious teams that should make a call is the Baltimore Ravens. This is a team that's constantly dealing with injuries, and for some reason, always in the back field. J.K. Dobbins is now recovering from his second major, season-ending injury this season and he'll be out the entire year. Gus Edwards was dealing with concussion symptoms. Justice Hill has already missed time.

Melvin Gordon is seeing some usage. It's gotten ugly in Baltimore.

Lamar Jackson cannot do it all on his own, and that was the theme of this past offseason when the Ravens went out and signed O'Dell Beckham Jr. and drafted Zay Flowers. But, Beckham has been dealing with injury as well, as has tight end Mark Andrews earlier in the year.

So far, it's been the same old story. The game is on the shoulders of Jackson, once again, and that simply cannot be the recipe. Give this team Henry in the back field, accompanied by the threat of Jackson's legs, and watch what happens. It could be the most entertaining trade destination for Henry, when it's all said and done.