4 star players Titans missed out on drafting since 2015

Where could the Titans be today had they drafted these guys?

Titans, Jalen Hurts
Titans, Jalen Hurts / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Tyler Lockett, WR

Now, let's go back a few more years to when the Seattle Seahawks drafted Tyler Lockett at pick no. 69 in the 2015 NFL Draft. Lockett would go on to become one of the most underrated wide receivers in football and one of the very best deep threats in the game, still, today.

The Titans had their opportunity to draft Lockett, but in the second round they opted to go with Dorial Green-Beckham out of Oklahoma. Therefore, in the third round, they wouldn't have been interested in yet another wideout.

That season, the Titans' leading receiver was Kendall Wright, who finished with just 36 receptions. To say they could have used Lockett is the understatement of the decade, because Green-Beckham's careeer lasted two measly seasons before he never again appeared in an NFL game.

Meanwhile, Lockett has amassed 533 receptions for 7,100 yards and 54 career touchdowns. He just came off his fourth-straight 1,000-yard receiving season, too. Looking back, the Titans whiffed big time on Green-Beckham.

Not only that, but they whiffed on the Wilson pick in 2020. What could have been ... yikes.