4 star players Titans missed out on drafting since 2015

Where could the Titans be today had they drafted these guys?

Titans, Jalen Hurts
Titans, Jalen Hurts / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Trevon Diggs, CB

Let's stay in that same 2020 class, where the Dallas Cowboys would select Alabama cornerback Trevon Diggs at pick no. 51 overall in the second round.

Look, real quick, let's be honest. Just about anyone drafted after Isaiah Wilson would have been a much, much better pick. But the fact that guys like Higgins and Diggs were taken far after? That hurts. It looks like one of the NFL's all-time blunders.

Diggs has now made two Pro Bowls, an All Pro team and picked off 17 passes in his first three seasons with the Cowboys. Widely-known now, already, as one of the best cornerbacks in football, he would greatly help this underrated and gritty Titans defense.

Tennessee has taken their shots with corners in recent years with guys like Caleb Farley and Adoree Jackson, but nobody the Titans have drafted will come close to touching the impact Diggs could have made on this team. Take another number, for example: In these first three years, Diggs has come up with a whopping 49 passes defended. That is astounding.