Tennessee Titans Schedule 2023: Game-by-game predictions for upcoming season

Dallas Cowboys v Tennessee Titans
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Week 11: AT Jacksonville Jaguars

The NFL is a war of attrition and Tennessee Titans fans saw that last year when dozens of injuries allowed the Jacksonville Jaguars to sweep their team and win the AFC South. I don't think that the Titans are going to be as injured this year as they were last year...but I also said that last year.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. With that in mind, I am going to expect a banged-up Tennessee Titans team to travel to Florida for a game that matters more to the Jaguars than it does to the Titans.

Prediction: Loss (4-6)

Week 12: VS Carolina Panthers

I think the Panthers have all the makings of a very intriguing team, but not in 2023.

Bryce Young should be nearing the rookie wall at this point in the season and even though it won't be a long trip, traveling to Tennessee against this defense is going to be more difficult than anyone is anticipating right now.

The Tennessee Titans should be able to play their game and wear down a defense that has some real question marks at every level. If the ground game is working, that means more play-action attempts from the offense which is good news for everyone in Nashville.

Prediction: Win (5-6)