Tennessee Titans Schedule 2023: Game-by-game predictions for upcoming season

Dallas Cowboys v Tennessee Titans
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Week 4: VS Cincinnati Bengals

This one was going to be tough no matter how the schedule fell, and when it comes to the Cincinnati Bengals I think Tennessee Titans fans just need to anticipate a loss and move along.

Prediction: Loss (1-3)

Week 5: AT Indianapolis Colts

Finally, a chance for the Tennessee Titans to rebound. The Indianapolis Colts are just starting their rebuild and they have a head coach and a quarterback that people are desperate to believe in. While winning the game matters, those fans know that they are going to spend most of the season surviving on flashes that they see from their offense.

Both Shane Steichen and Antonio Richardson are going to be asked to do things that they have never dreamed about and for a team like the Tennessee Titans that is based around the idea of giving the other team the ball for as little time as possible, the pressure to make a big play can really make rookies do crazy things.

For as low as I am on this team, I'm not low enough to have them losing to the Colts.

Prediction: Win (2-3)