Titans Rumors: 3 spicy trade packages to offer Bengals for Tee Higgins

He could be reunited with Brian Callahan, but for a price.
Tennessee Titans, Tee Higgins
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Trade No. 3 involves another young wideout

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Finally, the Titans could opt to give Treylon Burks a fresh start. Injuries have derailed Burks' first two seasons, as he's missed 12 games (six in each season). Coming out of Arkansas, Burks was a bonafide no. 1 receiver; a big-bodied specimen who excelled as a possession guy after the catch.

In two years with Tennessee, Burks has caught 49 passes for 665 yards and only one touchdown. He played on 58 percent of offensive snaps as a rookie and 62 percent in 2023. Tennessee still hasn't seen him emerge as a top option.

If Burks could stay healthy in Cincinnati, he'd be a huge addition to that offense. Chase is the big play guy. Burks could be a perfect no. 2 option in that system. The Bengals would also get a second rounder this year, in the deal.

Of course, the Titans land Higgins, but they also net a sixth-round pick this year. So, they still go into the draft with the same amount of draft capital, overall.

Could Tennessee make one of these moves? It seems logical, especially if the Bengals can't afford to pay Higgins on a long-term deal.