Titans Rumors: 3 spicy trade packages to offer Bengals for Tee Higgins

He could be reunited with Brian Callahan, but for a price.

Tennessee Titans, Tee Higgins
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Trade No. 2 involves Higgins and draft picks, only

Higgins trade 2

This one only involves draft picks, but it's definitely a polarizing deal. The Titans would trade their no. 7 overall pick, along with a fourth-round selection this year. In exchange, they'd receive Higgins and the Bengals' first-round pick, coming in 11 spots after the Titans' original selection.

This would also potentially be a win-win for both sides. The Bengals could use that no. 7 pick on a player like Olu Fashanu, a stout offensive tackle out of Penn State, or someone like Alabama pass rusher Dallas Turner. Cincinnati needs to build the trenches in order to further their title hopes in 2024, and either one of these players would be a huge addition. They'd also have the chance to add more talent with an additional fourth rounder.

Tennessee, meanwhile, is able to land their no. 1 wide receiver in Higgins while keeping Hopkins on board for another year. Then, they'd still be able to add another great player in the first round. Tennessee doesn't get knocked out of the first round, completely, with this deal. Instead, it's a pick swap, essentially.