Titans Rumors: 3 spicy trade packages to offer Bengals for Tee Higgins

He could be reunited with Brian Callahan, but for a price.

Tennessee Titans, Tee Higgins
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This offseason, the Tennessee Titans need to do what they can to find more playmakers for quarterback Will Levis.

Free agent wide receiver Tee Higgins seems to make a lot of sense, although the Titans might not be able to sign him.

Recently, Paul Dehner Jr. of The Athletic wrote that he believes the consensus around the Bengals' building is that the team will use the franchise tag on Higgins. However, he does note that a tag and trade makes sense.

The Bengals likely won't want to end up paying both Higgins and Ja'Marr Chase as top-five receivers for multiple years, therefore a tag-and-trade situation for Higgins seems logical.

If the Titans wanted to reunite Higgins with his former offensive coordinator and new head coach, Brian Callahan, here are a handful of packages that might work.

The Titans should try one of these blockbuster deals to acquire Tee Higgins

Higgins trade 1

In this first deal, the Titans send a second and seventh rounder this year, plus a fourth rounder next year, along with wideout DeAndre Hopkins to the Bengals in exchange for Higgins and a sixth rounder this year.

Why would the Titans trade Hopkins, their no. 1 receiver from a year ago? Hopkins is aging and he likely wants a chance to win a Super Bowl. This would be a win-win for both sides. Hopkins would be happier in Cincinnati, playing with Chase and Joe Burrow.

He'd have a real shot at a title, if Cincinnati improved a couple of key areas. Remember, the Bengals found themselves in the Super Bowl just a couple of years ago. Hopkins, as a no. 2 option, would be absolutely ludicrous. He is still capable of playing at a high level, and the Bengals offense wouldn't miss a beat once Burrow comes back healthy.