3 Titans rookies who could steal a job in training camp

  • A concern at kicker
  • Tight end battle?
  • Just a matter of time before a controversy

Tennessee Titans, Josh Whyle
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3. Will Levis, QB

Obviously, the biggest name of them all here is Will Levis, the Titans' second-round pick out of Kentucky. Levis saw his name drop much further than he thought it would, but Tennessee is in search of their next franchise quarterback and couldn't let him slide anymore.

With Malik Willis giving us some positives so far during the offseason workouts, the Titans' quarterback room is looking a little better altogether. But, it's anything but solidified. Right now, Ryan Tannehill is still locked in as the team's starter.

Because of the addition of Hopkins, it might make Levis' uphill battle even more tough. The Titans could find themselves in win-now mode, especially if they start out hot this season. But, training camp has seen some crazy things happen in years past.

So, it's not out of the question that Levis impresses so much that he's able to take over the starting job. It might seem a little out of range, right now, but Levis shouldn't be counted out. He's a highly competitive player who now has the ultimate chip on his shoulder.

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