Robert Kraft lets Titans fans know who to thank for stealing Calvin Ridley from Patriots

He almost went there... until she said "no."

Tennessee Titans, Calvin Ridley
Tennessee Titans, Calvin Ridley / Courtney Culbreath/GettyImages

One of the busiest teams of the offseason thus far, the Tennessee Titans have done just about everything they can to ensure the success of second-year quarterback Will Levis.

No one truly knew what to expect coming in, but the fact that Tennessee had a large sum of cap space made fans hopeful, at the very least.

It turns out, the Titans have decided to add talent all over the roster via free agency, making it very clear they want to contend for the division title as soon as possible. One of the bigger signings came when the team inked former Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Calvin Ridley to a 4-year contract.

The Titans now pair Ridley with DeAndre Hopkins and are hopeful Treylon Burks can finally break out. As for Ridley, though, he definitely had his suitors. In fact, he nearly signed with the New England Patriots, until a certain someone swayed him differently.

Titans fans should send Calvin Ridley's girlfriend some flowers and chocolates for the favor she did them

The old phrase, "happy wife, happy life" certainly rings true, here. For Ridley, he had multiple suitors as a free agent. After all, he was one of the top free agent wide receivers on the market, and in a market that wasn't too deep in terms of top-tier talent at receiver.

Also, out of respect for Ridley and his girlfriend/fiancé, Dominique Fitchard, I will say that there have been different reports as to whether they are engaged or married. So, I'll leave the technicalities for Ridley and Fitchard to explain, but want to ensure their relationship and public status is respected.

The point is, Ridley is a good man. Running big decisions like this by the one you love is a 'must,' especially for pro athletes, who could regularly be on the move. If Fitchard preferred Tennessee over New England, then Ridley made the right decision.

Of course, Titans fans would argue that he made the right decision, regardless of what Fitchard may have thought. But, that's neither here nor there.

Ridley is a Titan, and he'll hopefully be lighting it up alongside Hopkins and Levis this coming season, en route to the Titans gunning for an AFC South title.