Tennessee Titans preseason QB and WR connections to watch

Tennessee Titans Training Camp
Tennessee Titans Training Camp / Justin Ford/GettyImages

The Tennessee Titans will play a football game in less than 72 hours and fans should be thrilled.

First and foremost, football is back after a Tennessee Titans offseason that was filled with moves. Despite the Titans keeping things interesting during the doldrums, until the DeAndre Hopkins signing there really wasn't any excitement for the upcoming season.

This team seemed like a group destined to be forced to play the same, boring/bad style of offense that has plagued them for the last two years. However, the addition of Hopkins changed all of that and there has been a flood of interest and optimism from the Tennessee Titans fan base.

That excitement brings me to the other big reason why fans should be thrilled about this preseason. After spending an entire draft on the offensive side of the ball, there is a real chance that the Tennessee Titans are one of the few teams that will actually be able to produce four quarters of fun/watchable preseason football.

While the battles along the offensive line, at running back, and in the tight end group are all important, there is no doubt that Tennessee Titans fans are most interested in the battles for the backup quarterback spot and at wide receiver.

These two battles go hand and hand, and while I think both backup quarterbacks are locks to make the roster at this point, the receiver group is much more crowded.

The chemistry will be crucial between the quarterbacks and the wide receivers that are clawing for a spot on the opening roster.

Tennessee Titans QB/WR connections to keep an eye on in the preseason

I went back through the training camp notes and play-by-play on social media to try to figure out which QB/WR combos fans should be expecting to see this weekend and throughout the preseason.

When you read through what Will Levis has done over the first two weeks of training camp, it seems like there have been more ups than downs. That is especially true over the last week where he has had some of his best practice moments since joining the Titans.

The receiver that he seems to have the best chemistry with is Reggie Roberson. The former UDFA receiver from SMU has had a very nice training camp so far. While he has made plays and caught passes from both quarterbacks, Roberson is mentioned with Levis about two or three times more often than he is mentioned with Willis.

With Willis, he seems to target the tight ends more than Levis, but when he throws to receivers he has connected with Chris Moore and Colton Dowell more than the rest.

Racey McMath also deserves to be in the mix with Willis, but he just has had a few crucial drops. With the addition of Chris Moore and DeAndre Hopkins, I am starting to believe that Roberson is going to lock up the sixth receiver spot ahead of McMath and if he continues to be the odd man out for both quarterbacks, this might be it for him with the Tennessee Titans.

Time will tell, but those are the connections that I would bet on during the preseason. The big question now is just how much are they going to be able to do behind a backup offensive line.