NFL Power Rankings, AFC South: Where Titans rank after first week of training camp

Don't write the Titans off just yet, they could come back and claim the division crown in 2023
Tennessee Titans, Ryan Tannehill
Tennessee Titans, Ryan Tannehill / Justin Ford/GettyImages
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1. Jacksonville Jaguars

Folks, the Trevor Lawrence-to-Calvin Ridley connection is all the rage. It's not just a social media thing, but it's real. After not playing last year due to a suspension, Ridley is out to prove to people that he is still a high-level receiver and will be for a long time.

The Jaguars remain in the top spot because, well, they won the division last year and only got better this offseason. It is tough to argue that just one week of camp would dethrone the Jags from owning no. 1 in these power rankings, especially because of how much momentum Lawrence, Ridley and the offense are generating.

Head coach Doug Pederson has noted on multiple occasions that the leadership within this locker room has been on full display and is something they will hang their hat on this year. Pederson also noted just how good Ridley has been in camp, so far.

"Just the way he practices is just a different speed and a different level. It’s encouraging to me as a coach because it feeds to the rest of the guys, particularly the young guys. He’s one that’s really stood out there," Pederson said.

If Jacksonville continues to improve even slightly all around, it will be difficult not to keep them atop these power rankings.

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