NFL Power Rankings, AFC South: Where Titans rank after first week of training camp

Don't write the Titans off just yet, they could come back and claim the division crown in 2023

Tennessee Titans, Ryan Tannehill
Tennessee Titans, Ryan Tannehill / Justin Ford/GettyImages
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After a week or so of NFL training camps being in the books, the Tennessee Titans should be feeling pretty positive about themselves.

A team that might have been a mystery over the last few months, especially at the quarterback position and with a lack of true playmakers at wide receiver, Tennessee may now have both of those question marks lifted, but we'll get to that a little later.

As for the rest of the division, how are things shaping up for the AFC South? By comparison, where do the Titans stand?

Let's check in on the entire division as a whole, after a week of camp, and power rank them as we see fit.

4. Houston Texans

We can read all of the positive reports on rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud we want to, but it still won't propel this Houston Texans team any further up the power rankings until we see on-field proof. Stroud seems to have the support of the locker room and his coaches, is doing and saying all of the right things, but the Texans are still a mystery.

This is an unproven team with a lot of young players. It is a roster that could prove to have fruitful results in the coming years. But, one week of training camp isn't going to change a whole lot, especially with noticeably better rosters across the division.

Back to the quarterback discussion for just a moment, too. Stroud looks good, but has his struggles. The "competition" between he and Davis Mills is reportedly closer than some might think. That leads me to believe this roster, overall, will continue to be a work in progress for the foreseeable future.