5 Titans players who won't be back in 2024

Tennessee heads in a new direction, leaving these five players behind.

Tennessee Titans, DeAndre Hopkins
Tennessee Titans, DeAndre Hopkins / Justin Ford/GettyImages
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4. Ryan Tannehill, QB

This is one we know without a doubt. Veteran quarterback Ryan Tannehill has reached the point in his career where he is probably going to be a top backup in this league, but his days as a serviceable starter seem to be almost over.

The Titans are moving forward with Will Levis, of course. That's a given. As for Tannehill, though, there doesn't seem to be much of a likelihood that he'll be able to sign elsewhere as a starter. Between free agency, the trade market and the 2024 NFL Draft, there are a decent amount of possible starters that will be available.

In the end, will there be a team that's left without finding a viable starter? It's tough to see that happening, but it might. For now, we can speculate that Tannehill's future in the NFL is going to be as a backup quarterback. In eight starts last season, Tannehill went 3-5, throwing for 1,616 yards, four touchdowns and seven interceptions.

By the time the 2024 season kicks off, Tannehill will be 36 years old and, while some guys can still play at that age, Tannehill doesn't appear to be trending in that direction.