5 Titans players who won't be back in 2024

Tennessee heads in a new direction, leaving these five players behind.
Tennessee Titans, DeAndre Hopkins
Tennessee Titans, DeAndre Hopkins / Justin Ford/GettyImages
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2. Kristian Fulton, CB

Back in the 2020 NFL Draft, cornerback Kristian Fulton was coming out of LSU as one of the best at his position. At one point, some thought he could be a first rounder. He ultimately slipped to the second, where the Titans took him at no. 61 overall.

Over his four years with the team, Fulton has struggled in more than just one way. It hasn't been solely his play on the field, but also injuries that have plagued him. Most recently, Fulton endured a groin injury over the latter half of this year and wound up on injured reserve to end the season. He was out after Week 13.

About a month ago, Fulton was asked about his future, and he seemed to know the writing was on the wall for him in Tennessee:

“I know I can play in this league, I know I’m a top corner in this league. So, wherever that may be, it’ll all work out for me," he said.

It's great to have belief in yourself, but Fulton has been anything but a top corner in the NFL. This past season, he gave up a career-worst 129.3 opposing passer rating and allowed over 72 percent of passes thrown his way to be completed. It's safe to say Fulton isn't coming back to the Titans in 2024, but maybe he gets a second chance elsewhere.

He is still only 25, so for his sake, hopefully he's able to turn things around, because to this point, he has been average at best, and that's being kind.