Have the Tennessee Titans offered DeAndre Hopkins the biggest deal?

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After weeks of being in the background, the Tennessee Titans have generated a lot of positive buzz lately when it comes to signing former All-Pro receiver DeAndre Hopkins.

As soon as DeAndre Hopkins left Nashville, it seemed like the Tennessee Titans were always the team that was overlooked in the hunt for the free agent. Whether it was the New England Patriots, Carolina Panthers, Cleveland Browns, or the Kansas City Chiefs, other teams were getting the most attention in this race and the Titans were just there to fill out the list.

Over the last week though, the Tennessee Titans have been more and more prominent.

First it was the report last week from Jeremy Fowler saying that the Tennessee Titans and New England Patriots were the two teams in the best position to sign Hopkins.

Then on Sunday, it came out that both teams have made contract offers to Hopkins and that the Tennessee Titans have made the more aggressive offer.

What does that actually mean for the Tennessee Titans?

Now aggressive can be interpreted in a lot of ways, whether that is total money, guaranteed money, contract length, etc. However, I would guess that the Tennessee Titans would be most comfortable with increasing the total money and contract length specifically given where they are in their rebuild.

After a terrible week of PR where the Tennessee Titans lost their starting right tackle for a third of the season and had another second-year player arrested, this could be coming out now because the Titans are desperate to have something positive for fans to think about before training camp gets here.

It could also be leverage from Hopkins and his agents to try and force the Patriots to increase their offer before Hopkins starts to seriously consider his options.

Then again, maybe it is just an accurate account of what is happening. With a massive talent deficiency at wide receiver outside of Treylon Burks and maybe Kyle Philips, no team in the NFL needs Hopkins as badly as the Titans do.

Considering that a pre-existing relationship with Mike Vrabel, Ran Carthon, or someone in the building is almost required for a free agent signing in Tennessee, the Titans won't get many chances like this so they have to make the most of it.

Fans can worry about how the Titans will use Hopkins and how much he has left in the tank once he gets to Nashville, but the most important thing is that they get him in the building. That is their only chance to make this offense watchable in 2023.