Tennessee Titans HC Brian Callahan is expected to hire elite assistant coach

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The Tennessee Titans hit a home run when they hired Brian Callahan to be their next head coach.

First and foremost, Callahan had the best resume of any candidate in this coaching cycle as well as ringing endorsements from anyone who is anyone who has worked with him in the past. Whether it is Peyton Manning, Zac Taylor, Matt Stafford, or even the beat writers who have covered Callahan during his time in Cincinnati, everyone raves about him as a coach and as a person.

Those things were part of why I thought Callahan was the best option for the Tennessee Titans before the move was official, and his history of enhancing and developing every quarterback he has worked with was also a big deal.

However, the one big advantage that Callahan has always had over the rest of the other coaching candidates, is what his hiring means for the future of the Tennessee Titans offensive line.

If you haven't heard already, Brian Callahan's father is Bill Callahan, and Bill Callahan is one of the most respected offensive line coaches in the NFL today. Being the son of one of the best offensive line coaches in the last 30 years means that at a minimum, Callahan will always value and prioritize the offensive line.

It also means that I expect Callahan to be able to tell the difference between offensive line coaches who know what they are doing, and offensive line coaches who do well in interviews. That is how you avoid the Keith Carters and the Jason Houghtalings of the NFL.

Fortunately, it doesn't seem like we will have to put that theory to the test any time soon.

The Tennessee Titans have two elite options

Cincinnati radio host Mo Egger was on the RKW show on 104.5 in Nashville, and he said that it is his understanding that Bill Callahan will be joining Brian Callahan when he joins the Tennessee Titans.

Considering that Bill Callahan is still the offensive line coach of the Cleveland Browns, there are still a lot of hoops to jump through to make that happen. There is still a possibility that the Browns wouldn't let him out of his contract, which could make things complicated.

Luckily, there is an easy fix in place. Like we said last week, Mike Munchak has informed people that he is ready to coach again and that he would like to coach in Tennessee if the right situation presented itself.

The big question was whether Munchak would want to work with the Tennessee Titans next head coach. Years ago when Munchak was the Titans head coach, he wanted Bill Callahan to be his OC (but he was blocked), so I think it is safe to say that he would be happy working with Brian Callahan.

We will see what happens, but it certainly seems like the Titans have two elite offensive line coaches who want to be in Tennessee, it just comes down to which one ends up on this staff.

If it was my call, I would prefer Mike Munchak, but there is some obvious bias there. I was raised watching Mike Munchak's offensive lines and I watched him build and coach some of the best offensive lines in the NFL without ever needing to use a first-round pick on a player. I think Munchak would be an asset as a coach during the season and an asset as a scouting resource during the offseason.

Having said that, this is what I said weeks ago when it was clear that the Tennessee Titans were interested in Brian Callahan and that there were rumors that Bill Callahan might be a part of his staff,

"Starting with his background, his father (Bill) is one of the best offensive line coaches in the NFL and he has been for decades. During his time in the NFL, he coached and developed All-Pros and Pro Bowlers like Nick Mangold, Alan Faneca, D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Tyron Smith, Zack Martin, Travis Fredrick, Brandon Scherff, Jack Conklin, Joel Bitonio, and Wyatt Teller."

While Munchak got the most out of what he was given, you could argue that Callahan has a better resume of taking talented guys and turning them into elite players. If it was a choice between Bill Callahan and Mike Munchak, the Titans are going to be winners no matter who they pick.